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Quality weighted blanket for you

Quality weighted blanket for you

Weighted blankets work very well for all people positively. Gone are those days when we had bad thoughts about weighted blankets. Due to continuous research and findings, it is stated that weighted blankets are useful to all.

Quality weighted blanket for you
Quality weighted blanket for you

Can weighted blankets be bad for you?

These blankets are restricted to hospitals alone once upon a time and also found in psychiatric clinics. Now, these products are seen in each house without any restriction. These blankets are effective in treating stress-related disorders found among people. Also, weighted blankets are productive in sensory processing disorders. These disorders found in children and adults are treated efficiently. However, infants below two years of age do not require these blankets considering their safety. Indeed, you can have a comfortable life with a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets use as a therapeutic aid for grownup people. The science behind the products is that it stimulates the sensory points in our body. By stimulating the sensory points of our body, emotion and sleep are controlled effectively if they are not in good status in an individual. Individuals who have sleep disorders can use these blankets without fail. These blankets work on the medical principle of deep pressure touch. Due to these touchpoints, your body gets rejuvenated and relaxed.

You do not have any risky features associated with weighted blanket products. However, you need to purchase a quality weighted blanket for your use so it helps you to cope with your expectations. An appropriately sized blanket is required for your safety. However, people with certain diseases, such as lung problems and asthma, do not require to use weighted blankets.

Do doctors recommend weighted blankets?

In common, we cannot find most doctors recommending weighted blankets to ordinary people for any diseases. However, some doctors may recommend some people to use it if they have severe fever and cold. These weighted blankets may be comfortable to them while sleeping and taking rest. The weighted blankets help suffering individuals from severe colds and flu.

The weighted blankets are recommended by most doctors for children who have autism. Yes, many doctors recommend weighted blankets to autistic children due to their therapeutic benefits. The main benefit of these blankets is making autistic children become calm and nice. Autistic children have some sort of aggression and mood disorder. So, they have to be treated well and given some soothing and relaxation methods to calm them.

Some parents think that weighted blankets may pose some risks to the children in many aspects. These parents need not worry at all because weighted blankets may have some positive effects due to the magnet and beads sewed in. The weighted blankets are not dangerous as some people think, but they are smooth and fine ones to benefit children a lot. It is completely safe for autistic children to put it on.

What type of weighted blanket is best?

Most of the experts in the field recommend an individual use a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. For example, an individual that weighs around 130 pounds has to buy 13 pounds weighted blanket as per the rule. This is basically because you will have to suffer if you buy an overweight blanket for your use. The same principle applies when you buy a weighted blanket for your children too.

The oversized blankets are avoided by you the most. Check before you buy it by calculating the weight and size of the blanket. Yes, it should not hang off at the sides of the bed when you sleep. The reason is that the blanket may fall to the ground when you are asleep.

Is it OK to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

Yes, you can sleep with a weighted blanket every night. You can spend the whole night peacefully without any problem. The blankets are used to relax for the whole day for adults and children. The weighted blankets do not interfere with your sleep, and instead soothes and pacify you for better sleep. The weighted blankets are proven to help with sleep disorders of people a lot. It has produced many types of benefits for the autistic and people with insomnia problems.

You can use the weighted blankets throughout the night for better sleep. Those who do not sleep properly and have intermittent sleep disorder in the night can use the weighted blanket for continuous sleep. The pressure stimulation points of weighted blankets make you feel better during your sleep. A heavier-sized weighted blanket makes you have cozy sleep. So, you can use a weighted blanket for your good and long sleep without any hassle. It enhances your sleeping position better without any hassle.

When should not use a weighted blanket?

Some conditions are prevailing in an individual for not using the weighted blanket at all. Yes, some medical problems are recommended by doctors not to use weighted blankets for your sleep. Let us see those issues here.

The list is as follows

  • chronic respiratory or circulatory issues,
  • asthma,
  • low blood pressure,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • and claustrophobia.

The above medical issues may prevent you from using the weighted blanket. The above issues may not allow you to use the blankets at all. These blankets may produce undesirable effects among people, thereby leading to more issues in an individual. The weight of the blanket may not be good for the above people because it may obstruct the airflow in the individual.

Also, infants and toddlers may not use the weighted blankets because they might get trapped below the blanket and suffer from suffocation.

The above people who suffer from various medical illnesses have to consult doctors strictly before they start using the weighted blanket. It is highly recommendable and advisable for the above patients to stay away from weighted blankets.

How to know that you buy a Quality weighted blanket

Buying a quality weighted blanket is an inevitable part of your life. You can follow the below tips or suggestions to find out the quality weighted blanket for your choice.

Whenever you pick a weighted blanket make sure that you follow the basics of selection. Yes, you go for a blanket that is ten percent of your body weight without fail. This tip is of utmost importance when you choose a quality blanket. This principle applies when you choose the weighted blanket for your children. So, do not make any compromise on the selection process.

You might also give importance to your blankets that are having good quality features. Yes, check the quality by all means like knowing the brand, materials used, and guarantee features. If these features are present in your weighted blanket, then you shall say that the blanket has a quality to the core.

The correct weight and size of the weighted blanket are a must when you pick a quality product. The quilted channels of the blanket are also chosen if you want to choose the quality one. The reason is that the weight is evenly distributed when you use the blanket. Check if it could circulate air evenly by the presence of a cotton feature.

Let us see some of the best-weighted blankets here.

Quility Weighted Blanket with Soft Cover

This navy blue color weighted blanket comes with a soft cover. It also comes in a grey cotton blanket. The product can be washed using the machine. The solid pattern of the blanket is yet another advantage to being used by the customer. This product is made of quality materials. Relaxation and weight control are major highlights of the blanket. The presence of glass beads in the weighted blanket makes it highly comfortable for the user.

This product gives even pressure for the individual for the user during sleep. The person gets a good night’s sleep for long hours without any disturbance. It gives a secure feature to people who do not sleep properly. The standard chart size with the seller helps you to find the best sized and quality weight blanket to your expectations.

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Bedsure Weighted Blanket Queen Size with Removable Cover

This is another weighted blanket with cover to the adult. The product has premium cotton and glass beads. The grey color product has seven layers. The product has many features, such as being breathable and suitable for all people in all seasons. The design and unparalleled matching features make the product top-notch in all aspects. The product is firm and stain-resistant. Hence, the product is popular among customers who are looking for comfortable sleep.

The presence of lattice reinforced seam technology in the blanket makes it a perfect choice for your selection. No noise and the presence of non-toxic glass beads make it unique among the best blanket sheets available.

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The above blankets give extra comfort to the people who sleep. This blanket enhances the sleep for an individual to the core. There are many advantages and features are available for the person who uses it. The quality part of the weighted blanket is an enticing part of the product. So, the demand is high for the product in the market.

Quality weighted blanket for you

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