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How To Sleep With A Kidney Stent?

Best Sleeping Positions After Having a Kidney Stent? Before you sleep after a kidney stent insertion, check what position is best for you! Here are some positions on how to sleep with a kidney stent that will help drain the blood from your kidneys and prevent complications. Make sure to ask your doctor what positions […]

How to sleep after umbilical hernia surgery

Sleeping after a painful medical procedure can sometimes pose a lot of challenges. That part of your body that undergoes surgery can sometimes bring a lot of discomforts when it touches even the softest of things. A lot of times, someone uses a who has undergone a medical procedure. If you have gone through an […]

How To Sleep After bbl

Looking great and beautiful is something that everyone desires. Making yourself flaunt those beautiful curves helps boost your self-confidence. A regular trip to the gym, a strict diet program, and Spartan-like discipline are the core activities that someone must go through to achieve those ideal vitals. A bigger and more emphasized glute can make heads […]

How to Sleep with Piriformis Syndrome?

What is Piriformis Syndrome? Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated because of tightness in the piriformis muscle and oblique muscle that controls external rotation and abduction of the thigh. This may result in pain and numbness near the buttocks and radiating down to the leg and heel. […]

How to Sleep with Meralgia Paresthetica?

You might be thinking: “What’s Meralgia Paresthetica, and how is it related to sleep?” Well, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll answer the question of how you can get better sleep with meralgia paresthetica. When you have irritation of the nerve that causes a lot of pain that would cause numbness and a tingling sensation […]

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