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Brookstone weighted blanket features

Brookstone weighted blanket features

Can you wash Brookstone’s weighted blanket?

Brookstone weighted blanket is famous for inducing calm and soothing life by sleep. It has an enhanced calming effect in the individual with all expectations. The blanket reduces anxiety by stimulating pressure points. The product has a removable feature and is machine washable. It is washable in sot plush with reversible and has moisture-wicking properties. The reversible plush fabric that is super=soft has the feature of wicking moisture. This is soft to touch and makes you comfortable for the night. You can sleep throughout the night without any discomfort.

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You can zip off a cover that is machine washable. It is easy to maintain with easy care. You can go with bleach-free and gentle detergent selection when you wash weighted blankets. You can wash the blanket in cold and warm water. You can wash the blanker on a gentle cycle by using cold or warm water. You have to take care to avoid fabric softeners.

Before you start washing the blanket, take care of the following things. The reason for special care is to avoid major collapse while washing. It is not treated as an ordinary blanket, and so you need extra care and instruction.

How much cleaning does your blanket require?

If your blanket requires spot cleaning?

Have to know about soft soap, gentle detergent, and stain remover.

If a stain is found on the blanket, it should be removed quickly without postponing or delay. You shall have to rinse the blanket thoroughly.

What is Brookstone weighted blanket made of?

The weighted blanket is worth the investment you made. Yes, it alleviates your sleep disorders, such as disrupted sleep. You can use the weighted blanket to have your sleep in normal status. You can favorably spend nights. Yes, you may require to know what is a blanket made of?

The price for a weighted blanket matches your expectations. The weighted blanket is made of cotton and PET pellets. Asides from these materials, it is also made of polyester material. It has a removable weighted insert.

Also, some of the weighted blankets are made of cotton and bamboo materials. Asides from these materials, flannel, and linen materials are also used to make the weighted blanket. The rayon material is also used to prepare the blanket. Fill is find inside the weighted blanket, so the product gives you a heavyweight. Other materials included in the blanket are microfiber beads and sand. Besides these materials, steel beads, pebbles, and grains are also included. The weighted blankets’ cover is sewn or removable.

Is it bad to use a weighted blanket every night?

No, it is good to use a weighted blanket every night. There are many health benefits associated with the weighted blanket that you use. The benefits are plenty if you consult a doctor or an expert in the field. However, the weighted blanket gives you top-notch happiness and comfort if properly selected.

Yes, you will have to select the weighted blanket based on merits alone. Yes, you will have to buy Brookstone weighted blanket for this purpose. The health benefits like relaxed and comfortable sleep for an individual are a major one.

Are you a person suffering from insomnia for long? If you buy a weighted blanket and can use it every night without any doubt. Yes, the blanket gives you continuous sleep and a deep one to you. You shall enjoy the benefits and merits to the core. You can spend the night peacefully and joyfully without any hassle.

Why do you use a blanket every night? You can use it for soothing sleep for the whole night. The pressure points in the body are triggered by the blanket to give you relief and stress-free sleep. You can make things better with the blanket in your daily life.

Many people may suffer from an anxiety disorder during sleep. It can be overcome if you use a weighted blanket all night. A comfortable and cozy sleep by the weighted blanket is assured. You can right away doze off by the weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is a must-try for you without any delay or postponing.

Only infants less than two years are not advised to use the weighted blanket at night. Other people who are suffering from respiratory diseases cheat issues, and lung problems have to restrict weighted blankets. They have to consult doctors before they start using the weighted blanket because they might suffer from suffocation.

Is 20 lbs too heavy for a weighted blanket?

When you choose the weighted blanket you must follow the basic principle for choosing the right one. The right one is selected based on the weight of the person that selects the blanket. Yes, you have to go for ten percent weight of your body weight. Yes, if you are 150 pounds, then you will have to choose 15 pounds weighted blanket for your night sleep.

If we speak about 20lbs weighted blanket we cannot come to a conclusion directly. We have to see that the person using the 20lbs weighted blanket has enough weight or not. A person who is 180-200 lbs could use the 20lbs weighted blanket without any hassle. The standard measurement for choosing the weighted blanket is of utmost necessity. Go with the standard measurement for using the weighted blanket. Do not choose the inappropriate weighted blanket for your night’s sleep.

The choice of weighted blanket depends upon the age and weight group of the individuals. For example, 11 – to 13-year-olds people can go for 5 pounds of the weighted blanket. If an individual weighs about 165 – 200 pounds they can choose 20 pounds of a weighted blanket.

A too heavy weighted blanket needs to be filtered or not used by you. You can feel overweight if you have the following issues with the blanket. They are

  • Suffocation after using
  • cannot move underneath of blanket.
  • The difficulty of breathing
  • claustrophobia- feel trapped
  • Hard time sleeping
  • Feel extremely uncomfortable in the mid of sleep

How do you freshen a weighted blanket?

The weighted blanket needs to be taken care of and maintained as much as possible. The way you maintain the weighted blanket determines how long does the blanket lasts or not. You shall have to consider many factors before you wash or clean the weighted blanket. Yes, your blanket has its expiration date. You will have to keep control of washing options as per your blanket mode. The manufacturers of the blanket would have told you some tips and instructions about the ways of freshening a weighted blanket.

How do you wash a Brookstone weighted blanket?

When you decide to wash a Brookstone weighted blanket, decide the nature of materials used in the blanket. Understanding the type of materials used in making a weighted blanket is essential. Taking care of the material and washing as per the fabric used in the blanket is required. A gentle cleaning technique, either hand or machine washing is a must for your cleaning purpose.

Washing instruction

Go through the instruction mentioned in the blanket by the manufacturer. Those details are essential to make yourself aware of washing. Yes, strictly follow the instruction mentioned in the blanket and try to use the water mentioned either cold or hot water. However, the water may change as per the fabric of the blanket.

You may find some blankets have an outer layer. You can find it by following the instructions and accordingly you the product is washed separately. The outer layer covers the inner layer, which can be removed later on.

Try inspecting your blanket thoroughly. Check the blanket if it has any stains or damage before you clean the blanket. In case the stain is older, treat the blanket especially to remove it.

Gather your blanket for rinsing next. Adding some moisture to the stain on the blanket may help you remove the stain easily. Using cold water for removing the stain is better and good.

Spray treatments: You can use a chemical-free stain to remove the spills caused by food items in your blanket. The spray may remove the stain to an extent.

Grease stains: If you have grease stains in the blanket, remove them using soap. Yes, use chemical-free soap that is meant for the purpose.

Later you can rinse out the stained section. Wash the entire blanket after treating it with appropriate washing techniques.

You can wash the outer layer of the weighted blanket easily with the available instruction. When you decide to wash the blanket, snaps are fastened by you. Prevent snags by fastening velcro and zippers. You have to wash the blanket alone and do not miss it with other colored clothes to prevent the color issue.

The following tips are considered when you freshen the weighted blanket

  • Use warm or gentle water
  • Do not bleach
  • Machine dry
  • Dry cleaning

The above steps are inevitable to you when you decide to freshen the weighted blanket. You can follow basic steps and tips while you clean the weighted blanket. Take care a lot so you can maintain the life of a weighted blanket.

Brookstone weighted blanket features
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