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Vellux Blanket for cold and blistering nights

wellux blankets

A Vellux blanket is great for sleeping well during a cold night. Something to cover us with warmth on a cold and blistering night makes sleep a little bit better. The warm embrace of a blanket soothes and warms us that taking covers on its embrace can make a difference between sound sleep and a restless night. A thick, but yet soft, and large blanket is a welcome addition in making our every sleeping experience something to look forward to.

wellux blankets
What is a Vellux blanket?

Vellux Weighted Blanket

Vellux weighted blanket is a great choice of a comfortable and warm blanket for sleeping soundly on a cold night.

The outstanding warmth that only a Vellux blanket can provide is a perfect example of a technology that is maximized in providing the best comfort during sleep. It is made using a polyurethane foam insulating base that can provide warmth but without the feeling of something heavy that is clouded over you.

An added colored adhesive provides every blanket with a base color. The millions of tiny million fibers that pass through an electrostatic field is making every Vellux blanket soft and pliable. It is very durable and can last long. Washing it is also easy, just put it inside the washer and you can have a clean blanket ready for use anytime. It is also hypo-allergenic so using it every sleep is safe and worry-free.

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Vellux Weighted Blanket

What is a Vellux blanket?

When the choice of material for making a blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable during the cold night is polyurethane foam, you know it is absolutely good. Polyurethane is exceptionally strong and easily bend but it is light and soft to touch. The blanket is made of polyurethane foam. The millions of fibers in every polyurethane Vellux blanket make it soft and pliable.

Since Vellux blankets are made of polyurethane, it is proven to be strong and durable. It doesn’t easily tear not unless if you intentionally cut it with a pair of scissors. But in a normal condition where sometimes you would be pulling and wrapping a blanket for the ultimate comfort and warmth, it just doesn’t tear easily or leave gaps that would eventually lead to tearing and scratching.

The good thing with a Vellux blanket is even if it is made of premium synthetic materials, washing it in the washer poses no problem whatsoever. Even if it tumbles and rolls on all sides, a blanket would retain its soft and pliable feel after it had been dried out. You won’t have to worry if it shrinks or melts which is a common problem with acrylic blankets after they had undergone several washing cycles.

Having a blanket that does let you sneeze or scratch your skin because of an allergic reaction is a nice addition to your set of sleeping equipment. The blanket does not pill easily, which means it does tangle and forms small knots and balls of broken fibers that can lead to several health concerns and issues. When you have a Vellux blanket, you won’t have to ask for anything more. It is just perfect for all your sleeping needs.

Are Vellux blankets warm?

Because Vellux blankets are made of polyurethane foam that is sandwich between layers of adhesive strips and covered with millions of tiny fibers, a blanket is lightweight, comfortable, and insulates well. Polyurethane is a good insulator, that is why every Vellux blanket is warm and cozy. Not only it is warm it is also lightweight.

How do you clean a Vellux blanket?

Vellux blanket can be cleaned by simply putting it in a washing machine just like any fabric like your clothing and towel. Some would even say that notice that their blanket can become extra soft after they had washed it. Use a regular cycle and tumble-dry set on low your Vellux blanket and just like that is clean and ready for use. Just make sure that you don’t iron it. It’s that simple, nothing fancy.

Your choice of Vellux blanket

The Original Blanket

Is the cold bothering you? Can’t you sleep when the cold seems not to leave you alone? Why not have this Vellux blanket to keep you warm during the cold nights. You know exactly that you are in good hands when you use this Vellux blanket for all of your sleeping needs. People are giving good reviews over the internet in using a blanket.

You can choose Moss, Navy, or Tornado Grey as color options. It is perfect in your bed and your couch, watch endless tv programs while comfortably tuck inside your Vellux blanket. You can even take your pet with you so both of you can share the warmth that only a Vellux blanket can bring. You are sure of a cozy and warm feeling every time you are under this blanket’s wraps.

Cleaning it is also easy, slide down nice and smooth on your washer and tumble-dry on low and it’s done. This blanket measure 90 inches x 90 inches, if you are planning to sleep and be completely covered with this Vellux blanket, you can do it easily and you don’t have to worry that you would be tearing it because it is durable and strong. What are you waiting for? Get your blanket now.

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The Original Vellux Blanket

Vellux Microfleece Blankets

You know exactly if it is a Vellux blanket, it is extremely good. Keeping yourself warm and cozy during cold nights is easy if you are using a Vellux microfleece blanket. We know for a fact that every Vellux blanket is made of excellent polyurethane foam that is an excellent insulator for the cold blistering nights.

Vellux blanket is America’s most trusted name in blankets. The cozy microfleece makes it comfortable and feel so light with every use. It offers the best versatility whenever you use it to give you the best comfort possible. The extra layer of warmth can make you sleep better every cold night during this cold season.

Washing it is easy, you are sure that it won’t pill and drop several pieces of loose fabrics every time you use to wash it. Slide it nice and easy in your washer and tumble-dry it for a clean supply of Vellux blanket all the time. Wash it every 6 months for a perfectly clean blanket. Just be sure not to iron it so it will last for a long time.

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Microfleece Blankets

The Original Vellux Blanket – Wedgewood Blue

We always love to sleep with a cool breeze, the cooler it gets the better the sleeping experience will be. But when the cold starts to bother us and would keep us awake all night long, then that is an entirely different story. It would be time for us to look for a cozy and warm feel that will let us sleep for hours without any disturbance from the cold that would seem to take a prick on our skins.

This queen-sized blanket is the perfect weapon of choice for your to combat the cold that you are feeling. Let this queen-size Vellux blanket put its warmth on you and cover you with the comfort that you badly need to keep the cold away. Vellux blanket is America’s most trusted blanket in answering the cold night’s attack on a person.

This queen-sized blanket is soft, it has a great texture that is fit for a queen or to anyone who wants to feel the warmth and embrace of a queen that only a Vellux blanket can bring. Washing it is easy, slide down on your washer and tumble-dry and you are perfectly good to go and enjoy the day away. To have this blanket on your side during the cold blistering nights is a wise choice, get it now.

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The Original Vellux Blanket - Wedgewood Blue

The Original Vellux Blanket – King size Tornado Grey

Vellux blankets are available in different sizes. When you are looking for a king-size blanket that is fit for a king, then this Tornado Grey Vellux king-size blanket is the perfect choice for you. Feel the warmth and coziness that only a blanket can bring during cold and blistering nights. When the king wants something, the king will surely get it. And we are sure of that.

When the cold, bother the king, a king-size solution is all the is needed. Vellux blanket is known as America’s most trusted blanket. A Vellux warms guests in every home and hotel across the U.S. Its renowned softness and great insulating properties have made it a blanket of choice for most people who are bothered by cold and are finding trouble sleeping.

This king-size Vellux blanket is 108 inches wide and 90 inches long, it can do its job perfectly of covering the king when coldness strike. Cleaning it is also easy, with just a few twist and turn inside the washer and a bit of a tumble-dry, it is good to go and ready for a magnificent reign once more. Getting the king what he wants is easy, with just a few swipes of his royal phone, this king-size blanket can be his anytime.

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The Original Vellux Blanket - King size Tornado Grey

We hope that we have provided you the information you need about Vellux blankets. As we said, it is comfortable and can be your best sleeping buddy for keeping you warm and cozy during the cold night. Sleep well and sound with our choice of Vellux blanket. You deserve all the best things in life, this blanket is probably one of those best things.

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Vellux Blanket for cold and blistering nights
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