Sun Zero Curtains

  • Are you tired of wasting energy, and money, during both the summer and winter?
  • Have you had to replace curtains and/or drapes due to sun damage?
  • Would you like to hear less street noise and noise pollution inside your home?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping because your bedroom isn’t dark enough?

What if you could both beautify your home, cut down on noise pollution, save energy and ultimately save money? That would be pretty great, wouldn’t it?

Sun Zero Curtains to cut down on noise pollution, save energy and ultimately save money

If you thought, “yes!” while reading the questions above, it’s time you learned about Sun Zero Curtains.

It is a wonderful thing to have lots of windows in your home. We can then enjoy seeing nature, we are able to keep an eye on kids, and everyone enjoys having some natural light. However, windows mean that cool air escapes and hot air comes in. Sun Zero curtains were developed to help with those problems. Unlike ordinary curtains, Sun Zero curtains were developed and scientifically tested to insulate your home. Scientifically, you say? Yes, indeed. Sun Zero hired third-party independent laboratories to test their curtains for energy efficiency, noise reduction, and their ability to block light. How many curtain companies can make that claim?

A Look for Every Decor

Nobody wants to hang ugly curtains in their home, even if they are very practical. If you have gone to the trouble to decorate, why ruin the effect with unattractive curtains? With Sun Zero, that is not an issue. Do you like classic, traditional, formal style? How about California-casual? Mid-Century Modern? Sun Zero has curtains for all of those options and in many colors.

Part of the “look” of curtains, as you probably know, is the way that they are hung up. Even small details like metal grommets add to the vibe of your room. Sun Zero offers rod pocket curtains (good for formal, or traditional rooms), the aforementioned grommets (a good look in modern rooms), and back tabs, which look like they are pleated and will work anywhere.

Our Favorite Sun Zero Curtains

But let’s stop talking about curtains . . . and start shopping! Here are some of our favorites that we think you will also enjoy!

Sun Zero Nordic 2-pack Theater Grade Extreme 100% Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel Pair, 52″ x 63″. What makes these curtains especially great is that they are what is called “theater-grade” fabric. What does that mean? That means they offer 100% blackout. These curtains are shown in teal, but if that’s not a good color, don’t worry. These come in thirteen other colors, which means there is definitely something that will work with your room and windows. Check out the grommet hardware in the modern room shown in the picture. Looks amazing, doesn’t it? We like how the curtains just gently drape to the floor, too. This is called “puddle length” and looks really elegant. (Don’t worry; we’ll insert instructions below about how to measure your window to get the desired look.)

Sun Zero “Harding” 2-Pack Burlap Weave Thermal Extreme 100% Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel Pair, 52″ x 63″. The “Harding” curtains offer the same effective blackout treatments that Sun Zero is known for. What we like about these curtains is the nubby texture (zoom in to see). Interior designers will tell you how important “texture” is in decorating, and these fit that bill. They have an organic look and feel. We can also envision them in a variety of settings, from traditional to Mid-Century modern. These are available in five earth-tone-type colors.

Next Up: The Sun Zero “Barrow” Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 55″ x 84″. Note: this is for one panel. But look at the amazing price! You still get the room darkening to block out some light and have privacy, their energy efficiency, and noise reduction. These hang with the rod pocket and are so easy to install. These come in both stripes and solids — in a whopping nineteen different colors. The darker the color that you select, the more light will be reduced.

Curious about how the back tab curtains look? Here is the Sun Zero Cyrus Thermal 100% Blackout Back Tab Curtain Panel, measuring 40″ x 96″. We think the back tabs give the curtains a softer look. Although shown in blush, they come in nine colors. These are also easy to install, as they just slide onto the rod.

We have so far shown you indoor curtains. Ready for some outdoor drama? Check out these Indoor-Outdoor Valencia UV Protectant Curtain Panels. Aren’t these beautiful? They make us think of spa vacations, with their sporty cabana stripes. They are available in four classic colors. Lucky you if you have a pool area (we don’t) but we think they’d be wonderful on our deck or porch. These actually have UPF 50+ UV Protection. They are also stain and water-resistant material. They use the grommets for hanging, and the grommets are rust-proof (which makes sense, doesn’t it). Instant party ambiance!

If you’re more into a tropical vibe for your outdoor space, check out these beautiful Bali Botanical Print curtains. You may just want to take a staycation if you purchase these. Just add some wicker furniture, candles, and potted palms. Instant vacation, right?

So far, we’ve shown you a lot of stripes and solids. Not your thing? No problem. Sun Zero features these zippy “Burbank Geometric Ogee Watercolor” curtains that have a fun geometric pattern. Note: we had to look up the definition of “Ogee.” In case you are curious, here it is.

Did you like the print idea? Let’s see some more. Here is the “Global Medallion” print. Looks good with those grommets, doesn’t it?

Well, we may not have a pool (see No. 5, above) but we do have a patio and a patio door. Sun Zero to the rescue! Here is their Sun Zero “Barrow” Extra-Wide Energy Efficient Sliding Patio Door Curtain Panel. This measures the (appropriate) 100″ x 84″ for sliders. There are fourteen colors to choose from! It comes with a detachable pull wand for ease of opening and closing.

If you are seriously into window treatments, you are probably wondering of Sun Zero makes a valance. Yes! They sure do, and here is the Greyson Faux Dupioni Silk Beaded Tassels Extreme 100% Blackout Back Tab Curtain Valance. It is shown in an elegant Stone Beige. There are nine more gorgeous colors to choose from. We are crazy about the tassels! Does this remind you of wedding or christening gowns? It should; real Dupioni silk is often utilized for those purposes. We don’t care that it’s “faux,” it’s practical yet beautiful and has the features of Sun Zero.

Sun Zero curtains are also great for your child’s bedroom. Shown here is the “Riley.” The Riley comes in eleven colors, so there will be one to fit any child’s room.

Are you a fan of florals? We are, too, and therefore we love the “Regina” curtain panels.

It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it. Look at these “Cooper” Botanical print curtains — in Blue Leaf. How pretty are these? These would be so great in an informal dining room, especially if you are into cottage or rustic decor. They just make us want to get out our blue plates and hang them on the wall, too.

If you love an Asian theme in decorating, and who doesn’t (so calming and restful), check out these Saki Shibori print curtain panels. We think they are great in Navy Blue, shown with puddle length.

The “Laurita” panels look like they have been painstakingly embroidered on a burlap weave. Doesn’t that add a nice touch?

If you’re all about creating an elegant room, then Sun Zero has just the thing: velvet curtains. Here are their “Hampshire Velvet” curtains, which are available in either gray or ecru (off white). These have the added benefit of being noise-reducing curtains. We think they’d be just gorgeous in a traditional living room.

Pop quiz time. What is the most popular curtain color? (Drumroll . . . ) Give up? Blue! Blue is a soothing color, and it wins the popularity contest. Good thing that Sun Zero has loads of blue curtains, like these fun Denim Blue “Soho” panels. If you love “Farmhouse” style (who doesn’t?), these would be awesome to hang, alongside rustic whitewashed furniture and organic wood decorative pieces.

For a lighter look, you might favor these Reardon Distressed Global Print panels. They come in Indigo Blue and Plum. Even though they look deceptively light and airy, they still offer that Sun Zero energy-efficient design and keep that summer heat and winter cold where it belongs.

Sleep and Curtains

Let’s talk more about the importance of good sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that healthy adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Now, think about how dark your bedroom is. Before discovering Sun Zero, ours was quite light. What made a huge difference? The Sun Zero Oslo curtains. Why? These are theater-grade, blackout curtains. When you close these, it’s going to be dark. (Note: if you have to get up at a certain time, set your alarm!) If a too-light bedroom has been depriving you of that important sleep, these will help.

How to Measure Your Curtains

Measuring for curtains may seem intimidating, but it’s not that hard. Part of what you want to decide is what type of look you want. What is appropriate for your space? For instance, if you want some elegance and drama in a traditional room, maybe you’d like the “puddle length,” described above. For a modern room, which is more sparse, or angular, you might prefer a floor length.

Curtains can set a “mood” for a space. (See No. 5, above.) We like to think of them as the final accessory, like a scarf for a great outfit, that ties a room together.

You can also utilize some tricks, like hanging your rod higher, to make the space seem taller.

Sun Zero has this super-handy guide on their site to help you decide length and fullness for your curtains.

You will notice, in perusing these curtains, that Sun Zero curtains are remarkably affordable. You could easily spend more on curtains that do not block sun or retain heat, cut down on noise pollution, darken rooms or are so easy to hang.

Why Stop at Windows?

Of course, Sun Zero panels are intended for curtains. However, we have shown you so many beautiful fabrics, that you may be inspired to use them for other decorating projects. Try:

  • Hang a panel on the back of a wall, and then put a piece of furniture in front of it.
  • Use them as room dividers.
  • Hang them around your bed, for a “canopy” effect.
  • No door? No problem. Hang Sun Zero panels in a doorway.
  • Purchase short panels and use them to hide ugly pipes or cupboards that don’t have doors.
  • Hang them from the ceiling to “fake” a closet.
  • Not allowed to wallpaper or paint in a rental? No problem, hang a curtain panel to hide an ugly wall and add instant color or texture.
  • If you like “matching” things, buy an extra, hem, and use as a tablecloth to go with your indoor-outdoor curtain panels.

Curtain Care

Believe it or not, Sun Zero curtains are machine-washable! You can also tumble them dry.

When your curtains arrive, they may be slightly wrinkled. The wrinkles will gradually go away, but if you would like, you can iron them with a cool iron. A little spritz of water will also help to remove the wrinkles. Test in a small area first to make sure your iron is not too hot.

We know you will love your Sun Zero curtains. Where else can you buy curtains that offer insulation to prevent energy loss while reducing noise pollution and offering more privacy . . . at such a great price? There are so many choices for hardware and colors, too. Have fun shopping for your new Sun Zero curtains for every room . . . indoors and out!

Sun Zero Curtains
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