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How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions?

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic or natural hair that is bonded to each of your lashes with a medical-grade eyelash adhesive. They add length and volume, giving you longer and fuller eyelashes than you ever thought possible.

Even though they look extraordinarily real, eyelash extensions aren’t actually your own lashes; rather, they’re made from premium human hair or high-quality synthetic fibers and can be worn for weeks at a time. They require minimal effort: just replace the adhesive every two to four weeks and curl them for gorgeous glamourous eyes.

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions
How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions?

What are the Benefits of Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Well, for one, they’re incredibly easy to care for – meaning, no daily mascara application or losing half your lashes when taking it off each day. They curl up nicely with heat and will stay curled after wetting them with your fingers.

The actual process itself is pretty relaxing as you sit back and let the esthetician do all the work. Just close your eyes and enjoy a two-hour deep tissue massage!

Once applied properly, the lashes themselves are very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them weighing down or giving you eye boogies by the end of the night (you know what I mean, ladies). There’s also an array of styles available, from very long to extremely natural-looking.

Preparation Before Getting an Eyelash Extension?

To ensure your lashes last as long as possible, there are a few things you can do beforehand that will make sure they look their best. If you wear eye makeup, be sure it’s waterproof – otherwise, the product used to remove them may not work properly.

Also, skip the lotions or oils on your face for 24 hours before getting started, so your skin is perfectly clean and clear of any products. Any concealer or foundation will need to be removed by either makeup remover wipes or coconut oil

How to Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?

Step 1: Before you go to bed, be sure to remove any makeup and cleanse your face. Try using a natural facial cleanser such as one that is free of chemicals and sulfates.

If you wear contact lenses, take them out before going to sleep. Contact wearers may leave lenses overnight if they use daily or extended-wear lenses, but those who use monthly lenses should not do this. It’s vital for those who wear contacts, even if it’s just occasionally, to have a good night’s sleep.

Step 2: Sleep on your back or your side with a pillow under your head. It is vital to get enough rest so that the muscles in your face get their chance to relax and get rejuvenated! Sleeping on the back will also help prolong lash extensions.

Step 3: Do not towel or wash off eyelash extensions before bedtime as it can cause them to fall out.

Step 4: Do not rub your eyes too much. Rubbing can push the adhesive closer to the skin, resulting in lashes falling out faster than usual.

Pros and Cons of Getting Eyelash Extensions


  • It lengthens your lashes that will save you time on mascara in the morning.
  • It gives a beautiful wide awake appearance that opens up eyes.
  • It makes your eyes appear more youthful because it’s all about the eyes.
  • Making a statement with many different styles available at salons.
  • It allows you to experiment with any look you want.
  • It provides a nice break from false lashes that continually fall off and damage your natural ones.
  • Easy to maintain and will last anywhere from 2-3 weeks with proper care.


  • Removal can be time-consuming if done by yourself (salon charges around $10-$20 per removal session).
  • It would be best to make sure lash extensions are applied correctly or can cause eye irritation.
  • If not removed properly, the extensions may damage your existing lashes.
  • A lash lift with bleach included costs extra but is worth it for chemically treated eyelashes. The process entails applying a perm solution to curl the lashes followed by bleaching, which lightens them. This provides more depth for the eye area and makes lashes appear longer. Lash lifts can last up to 3 months, and their cost is $65.

How Long Do Eyelash Extension Last?

The answer depends on several different factors, such as where the extensions are applied, how well they’re taken care of, and the type of extensions used.

On average, the longevity of lash extensions is around three weeks. This doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all your lashes at once, but rather that some might fall out before others.

According to many lash artists, usually, about 10-15% will come out each week. Often this depends on how well the service was maintained (e.g., fill-ins done).

The part of the lash extension where it’s attached to your natural lashes also affects retention; since most cases involve gluing only the tips or middle of your existing lashes down with a bonding agent such as cyanoacrylate, these areas will fall out first.

There are several variables that influence the retention of your lash extensions, such as:

  • Type of extensions used: whether synthetic or natural lashes, can affect how well they stay on and if there is any need to use an eyelash curler (most clients like to curl their extensions before application).
  • The adhesive used: especially when choosing a waterproof glue (can be bought online and in stores). It’s important not to keep lashes in water for too long and to make sure you cleanse them thoroughly, at least once a week. This will prevent bacteria buildup, which can affect the extension’s retention time.
  • Quality of workmanship: poorly applied lashes will often fall out sooner than those with good precision during application.
  • How well your lashes are taken care of between fill-ins or touch-ups: maintaining lash extensions is crucial to their retention time, so it’s essential not to neglect them after application.

To avoid losing much of your natural lash production, you can also choose to have individual lashes applied next to the existing ones instead of the entire set. These are called ‘bridges’ and will be applied one at a time across your natural eyelashes with an adhesive that plays by its own rules (i.e., doesn’t bond).

Since they’re free-floating, they won’t pull down on the existing lashes when weight is applied during normal activities/sleep. This means you’ll lose fewer lashes because only the bridge itself comes out when it’s time for it to do so.

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions?

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