Blue Lumbar Pillow

blue lumbar pillow

After a long and tiring day at work, you are just set to have yourself seated in the most comfortable position. You just deserve to sit lazily on your couch or on a recliner and just savor the moments. Giving yourself some extra set of back support is just great and a relaxing way to take a breath from the daily rigors of life.

A good blue lumbar pillow can help you give that back support while you are savoring the moment on your couch or recliner. A functional and yet stylish blue lumbar pillow helps you recuperate and regain your energy after something had sapped away, like a stressful day at the office.

blue lumbar pillow
What is a lumbar pillow?

Don’t you just love to pamper yourself? After all, you deserve it, right? Our excellent choices of blue lumbar pillows can help you get what you really need the most, your comfort. We are always got your back covered, literally. A blue lumbar pillow on your back is just priceless and an excellent essential for you to feel relaxed and happy.

All about blue lumbar pillow

What is a lumbar pillow?

Lumbar pillows are light and portable pillows made from memory foam. You use a lumbar pillow to provide your spine or your back free of pressure, giving you relief after some heavy stress. A lumbar pillow provides an effective weight distribution on your back while it adapts your back’s normal curvature.

Most of its material construction is breathable and hygienic. It promotes airflow and provides you with comfort. The airflow promotes proper heat dissipation and reduces perspiration. It goes with an adjustable strap allowing you to attach it firmly to your seat, giving you a comfortable and proper posture all the time.

How to use a lumbar pillow effectively?

Getting your pillow to have its full effectivity is to have it positioned across the back of the chair and flush it against your lower back. Adjusting it according to your body’s length would be ideal to maximize its effect. The lumbar pillow has to be aligned with your ears, shoulders, and hips so that it can promote the natural curve of your spine.

By placing the lumbar pillow below your back curve it can help you maintain your straight posture. A lumbar pillow is such a good thing in comforting you from recurring backaches because of poor sitting posture for a long time. So when you feel that you have a tingling sensation on your back, a blue lumbar pillow may be something you need.

Sleeping with a blue lumbar pillow support

When you don’t feel any pain, you can sleep sound at night. Can you use a blue lumbar pillow as a sleeping aid? Here are some tips on how you can use a blue lumbar pillow to help you ease some pressure. Help you sleep well at night.

  • You can sleep on your side and position a pillow between your knees. When lying on your back makes you uncomfortable, maybe a change of position like sleeping on your side might help. Make sure that you don’t stick with the same side so you’ll not get risk of muscle imbalance and scoliosis.
  • You can sleep on your side while in a fetal position. For people with herniated disc, this position might prove helpful for you. Curling your torso into a fetal position opens the space between your vertebrae, giving you relief.
  • You can sleep on your stomach and place a pillow on under your abdomen. If you sleep on stomach and you don’t place a thing like a pillow underneath it, it can aggravate the pain. With a blue lumbar pillow, you can place it comfortably under your stomach for a much more comfortable and pain-free position all night long. A blue lumbar pillow that is placed underneath your stomach can benefit people who are suffering from degenerative disc disorders.
  • You can sleep on your back and position a blue lumbar pillow on your knees. A back sleeper properly distributes their weights across the widest area of their body. With this position, you are putting less strain on your different pressure points. The blue lumbar pillow fitted underneath your knees helps you get better alignment on your spine and position your internal organs more comfortably.
  • Sleeping flat on your back in a reclined position. Have you noticed that when you lay flat on your back on a recliner, you easily doze off? People with isthmic spondylolisthesis can benefit from an adjustable bed because a recline position creates an angle between the thigh and trunk. A recline angle or position, reduce the pressure on one’s spine.

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Desk Chair

You spend almost more than half of your day sitting at your office in a not-so-ideal position. Get this blue lumbar pillow and help get your back some well-deserved care and pampering and help yourself get relieved with backaches. You can now say goodbye to back sweats with this lumbar pillow with a breathable mesh that allows proper airflow.

This is blue lumbar pillow is lightweight and portable, allowing you to bring it anywhere you go. You can have a comfortable back position anywhere you go, whether you travel in a car or on a plane. You deserve comfort. Please come and get it now.

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Lumbar Support Pillow for Lower Back Lumbar Support

Made from 100% polyester, this blue lumbar pillow helps you correct and supports your posture to give your back the natural arch, preventing strain and pain. Get relieved from your lower back and sciatic nerve and free yourself from pain caused by scoliosis and other spine problems.

They made this blue lumbar pillow from memory foam the same material used in making excellent quality sleeping pillows that promote comfortable sleep. It has an extra adjustable strap that allows it to be secured on a chair. It features a polyester cover that allows airflow through the cushion, giving you and your back premium comfort.

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Blue Lumbar Pillow

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