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All You Need To Know About Biddeford Heated Blankets

Biddeford Heated Blankets

Biddeford blankets are luxurious, functional, and great to snuggle with. Biddeford blankets are great for year-round comfort but are especially helpful during the cold winter months when you’re craving warmth on your bed or couch.

Biddeford Heated Blankets

What is a Biddeford heated blanket?

Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket, Throw, Grey

Biddeford blankets are well-known for their high quality and warmth. For example, the plush micro plush fleece electric blanket keeps you warm and comfortable through winter nights. It comes in various colors such as crimson, sand, cardinal red/ivory, blueberry/cornsilk, etc.

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Biddeford Blankets are made by Sunbeam Products, one of the largest American manufacturers of household appliances. The company has been in business since 1910 and continues to sell quality products through its brand portfolio, which includes Sunbeam, Oster, Health-O-Meter, Coleman, White Mountain, Russell Hobbs, Mr. Coffee, and of course, Biddeford.

How does a Biddeford electric blanket work?

Biddeford’s blankets have an ultra-thin wire that goes throughout the entire blanket. They are designed that way, so the fabric is all that touches your skin. There is nothing that can burn you or cause harm. It has three setting options, high, medium, and low, which give you different levels of warmth depending on what you prefer. The controls aren’t super complicated; they just have three buttons for each level of heat. There is also an option to set it to turn off after 12 hours for extra safety!

Why use Biddeford heated blankets?

The use of heated blankets can be traced back to many years ago. Some people during the cold days will make use of bed sheets with hot water for warmth. The use of a Biddeford heated blanket is much better as this provides more comfort and luxury, and long-lasting heating.

This was a tradition from those olden days until now. We have advanced technology to enjoy modern amenities such as the Biddeford electric blanket, providing heat safely without exposing the body directly to fire. The latest technology also allows safer devices due to modern construction that minimizes risks associated with electricity supply or even fire hazards. The electricity that powers the system is controlled electronically rather than manual switches or dials that may cause hazardous situations.

Biddeford heated blanket is developed to serve its purpose that is very comfortable to use, safe and durable, unlike what others think about it being worn out quickly because of frequent usage.

How to choose the right Biddeford heated blanket size for your needs?

Biddeford electric blanket is a machine that warms your body by distributing heat across it. Besides warming, the device also transports the humidity of the environment to you. It means that these blankets are comfortable not only in winter but all year round. They can be used both at home and office. Therefore, if you happen to buy one of them, consider some tips on choosing the right size for your needs, so you will enjoy using them correctly.

Biddeford heated blankets usually come in standard sizes for a single bed or twin bedding. If someone has king-size bedding, this option is likely out of the question because no manufacturers make such sizes. Therefore, buying any Biddeford heated blanket, you should keep in mind your bedding size.

Biddeford Blankets Micro Mink Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket with Digital Controller, Queen, Linen

For those with a queen-size bed, we recommend shopping for one of the Queen-Size Biddeford Electric Blankets. These models usually come with two pieces, and each of them is large enough to cover about half of the entire surface – which is excellent for warming up your side before going to sleep.

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All Biddeford Electric blankets are equipped with an automatic turn-off system to handle safely by anyone regardless of their age or presence of some special condition.

As far as twin beds are concerned, there are many options on the market. If you would like to purchase one of such models, you should consider the following tips:

The choice of material. Some materials are better than others in use. For example, fleece blankets are more suitable for winter, while cotton is good for any season.

Seams and stitching. Another important issue is the quality of seams and stitches: if they are well-sewn, there is less possibility that parts would separate from each other.

Guarantee terms and conditions. It’s always better to check what exactly your manufacturer offers as a warrantee service: it can be a replacement or full refund (provided that some requirements were met). Besides this, some blankets offer extra options like free shipping and handling of your order.

Size and weight of the product. Large sizes mean more heat and higher electricity consumption. Therefore, keep in mind that electric blankets for twin beds consume twice as much energy as those meant for single bedding. Weight is significant too: if you plan to use your blanket daily and be able to carry it with yourself on business trips, choose a light model: firstly, it will save some space in your luggage; secondly, it can be used anywhere without having special requirements on an outlet.

Blankets must be plugged in all the time. However, there are cordless models if you need a blanket just for warming up a bed.

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Electric Heated Blanket With Analog Controller, Queen, Natural

If your bedding is not really big (like most queen-sized beds), purchase one of the Queen-Size Biddeford Electric Blankets. These blankets usually come in sets of two pieces, with each piece large enough to cover about half of the entire surface – which is excellent for warming up both sides before going to sleep.

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How to care for your Biddeford heated blanket?

Be sure your Biddeford electric blanket is completely dry before storing it away. Place a clean blanket over the dried one to prevent it from picking up any additional dust or dirt from its surroundings. For storage, especially for those with limited space, you can place your heated blanket into a large clear plastic bag and then fold or roll it together tightly. This will minimize the amount of space required while being stored.

The heating pad wireframe connector should always be hand washed in cool water with mild soap and air dried out of direct sunlight.

It’s only natural that some fraying may occur on cords or heating pads over time due to use or exposure to elements such as humidity and heat; however, this does not mean they need to be replaced if it still functions properly.

Drops of liquid such as water or body oils should be carefully wiped up immediately to prevent spots and discoloration. If you notice a spot on your blanket’s surface, first remove any excess liquid and then wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard as this can lead to color transfer.

If you find that your Biddeford electric blanket has been damaged, either through normal wear or an accident, do not throw it away! You may be able to send that particular piece to the manufacturer for repair instead of purchasing an entirely new replacement product.

You should not use any bleach with your heated blanket to prevent discoloration, as this could cause the fabric to fade and affect the overall appearance. We do not recommend using baking soda or vinegar directly on the surface, as it can leave an unpleasant odor.

This is especially true for Biddeford electric blankets; we advise against placing them in the dryer because they incorporate almost all plastic components as excessive heat can melt many of those parts.

If you notice snags or tears on your sheet set after laundering, first try repairing it by cutting it out and then sewing over those areas to reinforce its strength and durability before attempting to rewash it.

Although these steps focus primarily on care instructions for Biddeford heated products, general care guidelines can be applied to any other brand of electric bedding items.

Cleaning your Biddeford electric blanket

Before using the blanket, be sure it is clean. You can machine wash and dry it at home or take it to a professional cleaner. To avoid excessive wear, use water that does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). If you choose to handwash this item, do not twist or wring out the filling. Instead, squeeze any excess water gently by pressing the cloth against the pile side of the fabric. After washing or dry cleaning, smooth out creases with your hands before placing the blanket back on the bed.

Serge delicately

Remove serging from all types of blankets often requires special attention. Turn the item inside-out, and place it on a flat surface. Place a pillow over the blanket to protect your hands from being cut by pins or needles. Use an upholstery tool with an attached knife blade to carefully scrape away serging threads along seams. If you cannot remove all serging with the special scraper tool, use small embroidery scissors instead. Pull each thread towards the edge of the blanket until you have removed as much as possible. This task is very tedious, so be patient before removing loose or dangling pieces of thread that remain after serging is gone.

As mentioned earlier, be careful when using bleach. Bleach has many benefits in stain removal, but some fabrics do not react well if soaked in a bleach solution. If you have a fabric-covered blanket, test the bleach with a small inconspicuous area before applying it to all materials. This can be achieved by dipping a clean cloth into straight bleach and then pressing it onto an unseen portion of the cover. If there is no reaction such as fading or discoloration, proceed with cleaning. If not, look for another option; never use chlorine laundry products on wool blankets as they will destroy the fibers and ruin the item permanently.

To prevent shrinking

Do not dry your Biddeford heated blanket in high heat (avoid excessively hot settings on dryers). To prevent shrinkage, tumble dry using low heat and remove while still damp; smooth flat and reshape as necessary. You can also use a clothesline or drying rack to air dry your blanket.

To prevent mold and mildew

Use a well-balanced washer load when washing any fabric-covered heated blankets, as imbalanced loads may lead to excess vibration that might cause damage during the spin cycle. If you do not have a front loading washing machine, be sure to place the blanket inside a mesh bag before putting it into the wash. This will help reduce unnecessary wear on the material from agitating during laundering. Avoid overloading your machine as well as using too much detergent as both could potentially harm its performance by causing it to malfunction or damage internal components due to excessive suds.

To prevent tears and snags

Use a commercial strength fabric softener with your Biddeford heated blanket. This will help reduce the amount of “cling” that often occurs when you remove it from the dryer afterward. You can also choose to air dry or line dry instead of tumble drying for further prevention against wear.

To remove odors

Baking soda is the recommended solution to give your bedding a fresh scent after laundering, especially if you have washed it more than once due to excessive body oils. Place an open box inside of the dryer before adding sheets or blankets; this not only reduces odor but freshens them as well.


Use a mesh bag when laundering heated blankets with bulky attachments such as cords or controls. This will ensure that no snags occur during the wash cycle. Wireframed heating pads should always be hand washed separately in cool water using mild detergent and air dried out of direct sunlight. Plastic components should never be submerged in water, as this could cause damage or electrical shock if any other parts were still plugged into the wall outlet source while doing so.

All You Need To Know About Biddeford Heated Blankets

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